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Philippines, National Capital Region

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PHILCOPY CORPORATION has been at the forefront of distributing quality office equipment for more than three decades.  Today, PHILCOPY continues to solidify its place in the industry through consistent delivery of high quality products and services.  We believe that harnessing our core strengths in service and innovation will take the company and the clients we serve to farther places.  We are now growing at a steady rate focusing on the current strategies that will best serve the needs of the company, our employees, and our diverse clientele.

In today's rapidly developing market, you need a partner that will make your people work better and produce results in the shortest time possible.  PHILCOPY equips your company with devices that deliver utmost reliability and solutions that provide great efficiency and low operating costs.  Couple that with fast and highly competent after sales-support, your business will be growing in no time.  And as you grow, we grow with you.


Vision, Mission and Values


Corporate Vision

The country's trusted partner in business solutions that empower work communities.


Corporate Mission

We are committed to provide you the best worry-free products and services and to foster an environment of growth for our people, our brands, our company, and our clients.


Corporate Values


Great people, great products, great service and a culture that values:

-  Integrity

-  Caring

-  Reliability
-  Excellence

-  Growth

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Our commitment "to provide total quality products and services"is the business principle on which our company was built on. This implies a thorough knowledge of the products and services we offer.

Each of us plays a vital role in providing quality to clients. We motivate employees by demonstrating management commitment to quality, by setting challenging goals, and by giving them responsibility and recognition. It is through employee development that goals can be achieved in the shortest time. Continuous training of our employees ensures that they understand their responsibilities and have the capabilities to fulfill them. Teamwork is also brought into play to implement the high standard of quality that we maintain.

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